Links for Toy Sewing Machine Collectors

Below are some of Toy Stitchers International’s favorite links as well as links to the websites of some of our members. If you know of some fun, helpful, and informative websites that primarily pertain to collectible or antique toy sewing machines, please contact Toy Stitchers International and we may include a listing on this page. Enjoy!

Shelly Burge

As an active member of Toy Stitchers International, Shelly is an avid toy sewing machine collector with over 300 toy sewing machines in her private collection. Shelly’s extensive biography reads like a long resume on how much she enjoys everything related to sewing.

On Shelly Burge’s website she says that “I think I have every color made of the American Girl toy sewing machines.” Her American Girl collection is an absolute must-see! In addition, Shelly also features on her website an extensive collection of Plank toy sewing machines which should not be missed.

Best of all, Shelly Burge is featured on YouTube in a high-quality video that exudes her heart-felt passion for these beautiful, collectible toys.

Kindernähmaschinen by Rita and Manfred Koym

The website of Rita and Manfred Koym, called Kindernähmaschinen (verbatim translation: children’s sewing machines), is a real treasure. The site can be viewed with English or German text. The link provided above leads directly to the English portion of the website.

The sheer number of toy sewing machines in Rita and Manfred Koym’s collection is fascinating, and the photos of the toys are of very high quality.

Rita and Manfred Koym are also the co-authors of the book F.W. Müller’s Toy Sewing Machines and the “Kerngehäuse” which is the most comprehensive guide of Müller toy sewing machines anywhere.

Deutsche Kindernähmaschinen

The website of Axel und Susanne Harbich, called Deutsche Kindernähmaschinen (verbatim translation: German children’s sewing machines), is entirely in German language.

But even if your German language skills are not up to par, you will find some high-quality pictures and detailed descriptions of many antique and collectible toy sewing machines. To make it easy for non-German speakers, we have provided direct links to the main sections of the website. If a particular part of text interests you, you may want to use Google Translate to help you out.

The most engaging part of the website is Die Sammlung (translation: the collection), where toy sewing machines are divided into the early period from 1880 to 1900, the heyday or main period between 1900 and 1920, and the late period which starts after 1920.

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