Members of Toy Stitchers Int.

We pride ourselves for being a diverse group, with hundreds of members from several continents and different countries, including the United States, Canada, France, England, Germany, and Austria.

Some of our members have chosen to make their profile public to share their enthusiasm and excitement about the unique, fascinating, and rewarding hobby of collecting toy sewing machines.

Lynn Furman

I live in Upstate New York and have been collecting toy sewing machines since 1993. I purchased my first machine at an antique show back then and that was the beginning of an exciting and rewarding hobby that has never ended.

Since the end of 2006 I have held the office of Treasurer of Toy Stitchers International. I have made many new friends as a result of joining this diverse group and have met people from all over the world. It is a friendly, fun, and informative group.


New York, USA

Member Since


Gary Wacks

In 1982, I started collecting sewing machines when my grandfather passed away leaving me an old Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine. My great grandfather sold Home sewing machines. My grandfather had a Singer dealership, and my father sold Viking sewing machines.

My own sewing machine collection has become one of the largest and most diverse sewing machine collections in the United States, exceeding 1,500 cherished treasures.

I am a charter member of ISMACS and Toy Stitchers International, and I am proud for being noted by the Smithsonian for my involvement with antique sewing machines. Currently, I serve as President of Toy Stitchers.


Kentucky, USA

Member Since


Faye Beckwith

My first two toy sewing machines were gifts from my husband in 1985. He knew that I had learned to sew as a child and was allowed to sew on my mom’s treadle but yearned for a toy sewing machine. Now, some 30 years later, our extensive collection has grown to over 900 examples.

We learned about Toy Stitchers in 1993 and we became members immediately. Because of this affiliation, our lives have been enriched with the many friendships which have developed over the years, as well as the widespread travels which go along with collecting these little treasures.

It’s been my pleasure to serve the group as Editor of The Toy Stitcher, TSII’s quarterly journal, since 2002.


Tennessee, USA

Member Since


Marie L'Etoile

I found my first toy sewing machine in 1993 on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Because of my love for sewing, I was hooked right away. Every time I saw one at a flea market, antique show, or in an antique shop, I just had to have it. I also collect other sewing antiques.

I joined Toy Stitchers International as soon as I found out about them. I have gone to all the conventions since then and have had the most fun. I have learned so much about my collection through this group. And I have made so many good friends.

I currently hold the office of First Vice President at Toy Stitchers.


Massachusetts, USA

Member Since


Don "Shep" Shepherd

I got into toy sewing machines from my involvement with quilting and featherweight sewing machines. My collection of featherweights simply took too much space, so I got interested in toy sewing machines in 1999.

The first toy sewing machine I purchased was a cast iron Baby which I acquired through eBay. Once I had my Baby, I was hooked and needed more.

Since then, I have purchased over 250 machines which I mostly keep in my own collection. I buy and sell a few machines here and there for fun and profit, and also to keep my collection at a high standard.


Arizona, USA

Member Since


Board of Directors

2016 – 2017

Gary Wacks

First Vice President
Marie L’Etoile

Second Vice President
Mary Shepherd

Glenda Thomas

Lynn Furman

Don Shepherd

Bulletin Liaison
Bob Campbell

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